This is a Planning for Sustainable Places project (funded by Mid-America Regional Council and championed by Kansas City, MO Parks and Recreation, and Westside Housing Organization).

On West Pennway there are opportunities to slow vehicle traffic, prioritize foot traffic, and generally make the street more responsive to community needs. On October 16th the project design team held a community open house with Westside neighbors to learn about the project and give input on design scenarios (shown below). Residents were also encouraged to vote on scenarios through this website from October 16th to October 25th. In total, 78 residents of the Westside Neighborhood voted on their preferred scenarios. Then, with votes from community members and approval from KCMO's Park's Design Review Board, On January 15th, the community came together in a meeting to discuss the implementation of the selected scenario. 


The planning phase of this project is complete. Now it's time to move the plan forward with partners, funding sources, and clear next steps. Below you can access the final implementation plan and work to push this project forward.

Thank you for your interest in supporting this project!

(updated 3.7.22)

West Pennway 1


On January 15th, an online community meeting was held with residents and stakeholders who live and work around the corridor. A video of at meeting and a link to the meeting presentation can be seen below.

On October 28th, a meeting was held with the steering committee and the project technical advisory committee to discuss the next steps. These two committees have worked closely with the design team on this project. A video of at meeting and a link to the meeting presentation can be seen below.


Throughout the project process, several meetings were held with the project steering committee. Below you can find both presentation PDFs and notes from the other three meetings.

steering committee meeting 1_edited.jpg
steering committee meeting 2_edited.jpg
steering committee meeting 3_edited.jpg